Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Series of Misconceptions

My life has been a series of misconceptions.

I can remember being young and in a church, where they were telling me that if I listen to Rock and roll, the devil would come out of the speakers and take my soul to Hell, but there was a catch—I had to play the records backwards. I’m not sure why anybody would play their records backwards, but I highly recommend not doing it. They sound great going forward and the devil apparently has no hold on you when they are played in the manner of which they were designed.

I remember being taught about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, God and Satan. In the public schools, I was saying the pledge, learning about the constitution and certain “inalienable rights”. I still pledge my allegiance to the flag to this day, as it was originally written.

I can remember being young and in the Marine Corps, with a family and extremely poor. I was working every side job I could find just to put food on my table. It didn’t matter because all I ever wanted as a child was to be a Marine. Knowing what I know now, I must have been insane. I gave up a good portion of my life and my health to protect a bunch of rights that I don’t have now because the American Public freely gave them away while my back was turned. These were rights I held dearly. I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps, only to come back to a country that cared so much about what I and many others were sacrificing for them, that they forfeited my rights freely just to gain some false sense of security.

The biggest misconception was that I was fighting for our rights that the American public was not willing to give up. Wow, was I wrong! My life and my health were apparently given freely for the benefit of a bunch of pussies too scared to stand up for what I believe in, which is freedom, true freedom, not freedom with security. I’m talking about the kind of freedom our forefathers were willing to stand up, and die if necessary, to protect, There was a time in this country when men were willing to die for their freedom, if only to be free to express their thoughts. Now that I’m just a veteran, I’m expected to just accept this, and hand over my rights in the name of political correctness. To hell with that!

We’re not even allowed to fly one of the original flags of our forefathers for fear of being labeled a terrorist by the Department of Homeland Stupidity. What is this flag I speak of? Well, it has a yellow background, has a snake on it and in big, bold letters it says “Don’t Tread on Me.” That simple sentence use to mean so much to so many. They have even gone as far as to state that if we have bumper stickers of third party candidates, instead of the two parties which have severely failed us, we are potential terrorists.

All the government has to do now is to declare that you’re a terrorist and you’re entire life is over. They can hold you indefinitely with no trial. They can come in, search your house with no warrant, and silence your neighbors so you never are told they were there or why. They can tap our phones and read our e-mails. There is no right to free speech, no right to privacy, no freedom of speech and no right to bear arms. They were all taken by the Patriot Act. Since then, there have been more rights taken and handed over freely in the name of security.

I, for one, am sick of it.


  1. I, too, am sick of the whole friggin mess we find ourselves in. The Obammy administration and anyone else out there can add my name to whatever friggin list they want because, as a veteran, I feel that it is my job to speak for those who cannot or will not. In fact, given my time as a member of several "freedom" organizations, I figure Uncle Sugar already has my name on a list somewhere. The sheeple have betrayed our country for an illusion of safety. Our kids are programmed not to question authority and those who DO question are labeled "extremists". Society hasn't a clue about "honor", "respect" or "accountability" and has sold its collective soul to the Chinese for some baubles and beads. I feel our job as vets is to keep poundin' into the people that NO government entity can protect them better than their own countrymen and that they should not feel ashamed for demanding accountability from those elected to serve us. Hang tough and keep preachin' the Word. Respects, Squirts

  2. Thank you Squirts, i wish more people thought as we do. Honor, respect and accountability are indeed rare in this society, sadly. The bad part is the fact that most people view us being betrayed by our government with the same passion as they do about running outta pie. Thank you for your kind words and Semper Fidelis.