Monday, August 2, 2010

An open letter to Central Alabama Motor Speedway

To whom it should concern,

I came to your race Saturday night in support of my brother who has been running your track since he was thirteen. It was some great racing and could of been a great time, but the disrespect I witnessed towards our troops and our veterans dumbfounded me.

Let me start by telling you I am a disabled veteran of the USMC after almost nine years of service. I appreciate you taking the time to play the national anthem, however while it was being played, I happened to be in front of your concession stand planning to spend more money. As I stood at attention and saluted our flag during the National Anthem, as I always do, sales continued as usual. Apparently, selling a hot dog was much more important than stopping for three minutes to think about our men and women that were serving our country right at that moment. This is complete and utter disrespect for our my brothers in arms and our war dead that died so you could sell your hot dogs.

I paid $24 for the honor of witnessing this disrespect and it will be the last dime you will ever see from me. I will be sure to, as you said, let all my friends know about what a wonderful time I had.

Thank you,
Brad Hilyer


  1. The problem as I see it is that respect for the flag and country has deteriorated to the point that folks don't even REALIZE their actions are disrespectful. I'll bet a dollar to tha' hole in a donut that the teenage workers manning the food stand have no idea what they did. Without management setting the example, their actions will no doubt continue. Respects

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Squirts. It's a damn shame our country has deteriorated to this point. I wish more people would stand up.