Friday, July 2, 2010

The Truth about Motorcycle Clubs

If you take the time to look at the back of a patch holder's cut, you will never see MG on there. It reads MC for a reason. It is a club, not a gang. Here's a little education on this subject:

Motorcycles, women, booze, intimidation and drugs are what a motorcycle club runs on. The members of these clubs are filled with speed, mescaline, weed, alcohol, and anything else they could possibly put into their system. They’re all running around looking for somebody to kill, maim and rape. A motorcycle club is just a common street gang with fancy motorcycles and a severe lack of hygiene. If you agreed with me so far, then reading further will probably be a waste of your time, as your blinders are on a little too tight.

A true Motorcycle Club runs solely on brotherhood. This is a foreign concept to most, so let me elaborate. I will take a bullet for my brothers, no questions asked. Does this mean I always agree with them? The short answer is no, but they have my undying loyalty. Disagreements are handled in church, not in public. When a brother calls at three am, I get off my ass and lend him a hand. If my brother is attacked, I will do everything I can to ensure he comes out on top (We’ll discuss the reason he was attacked later in church). When my brother cries, I cry with him. When he laughs, I laugh with him. If he pisses his pants in public, I dump water on him to hide it, and then make all kinds of fun of him in private.

What does a man do to earn my undying love, respect and loyalty? It’s real simple; he earns the right to wear my colors by showing his undying love, respect and loyalty. It takes a special kind of man to do this. Most will never know what it is to be truly loved and respected, but for the few, there is no better place to be than hauling ass down the highway while surrounded by brothers, tire to tire, peg to peg, and shoulder to shoulder, knowing the next mile could be your last.

I have used words here that are foreign to most: respect, loyalty, brotherhood and love. If you do not know the true meanings of these words, there is no need to ever think you could possibly understand the ravings of this insane man.


  1. Right On My Friend! You speak the gospel.

  2. Thanks man, I try. Unfortunately, the feds are feeding America a bunch of drivel about the true nature of a club. Of course, SOA doesn't help at all.

  3. Well written. I enjoyed reading it. There are a million definition of who we are and who we are suppose to be as bikers. I like the answers we get for ourselves.